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  • By signing up to FAME the school is responsible for the safe keeping of instruments during the project and must make sure that the number of instruments which have been hired are also returned to Severn Arts at the end of the project (all instruments carry a 5 digit ID number on the case and on the instrument).
  • Please note that our instruments are a valuable commodity. For example, a set of 30 cornets is worth over £9,000. Instruments must be treated carefully at all times. Our instruments are insured against accidental loss or damage, but not loss due to negligence (e.g. if left in an unattended vehicle). Instruments which are taken home by pupils remain the responsibility of the school.
  • If you have any spare instruments please let our office know as soon as possible so that they can be collected and redeployed.
  • Please ensure that all instruments are available for collection after the last session of each project. We will contact you close to the time with collection dates.
  • Our instruments and their cases share a reference number and therefore must not be mixed.
  • FAME Instrument Agreement

    • e.g. Brass
    • Pupil NameInstrument Number 
      Details are emailed to Severn Arts and a kept securely. Click the plus symbol to add rows.