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Filming and photography consent form

    • Please complete this form to give consent for us to take images, moving footage, audio comments and other personal data about you, and or the child/children for whom you have responsibility.
    •  All data (images, film, comments, personal information on this form) will be stored and used by Severn Arts for marketing and evaluation purposes.
    • The data may be shared with third party organisations to fulfil the communication work necessary, e.g. providing images to design/print agencies, project partners.
  • Section A – Your consent

  • I give consent to Severn Arts to publish, republish or otherwise transmit still and moving images, audio and my name for the purposes of: publicity and promotional materials, including advertising material and printed publications; presentation and exhibition materials; websites, social media channels and digital communications materials, including advertising material and printed publications; news media and their associated websites, social media channels, print publications, television and radio.
  • I understand Severn Arts will keep all its images in accordance with data protection law and delete the images that have not been used for any publicity or marketing after two years. I also understand that the still/moving images/audio used for publicity or marketing purposes are in the public domain and therefore could potentially be reproduced, altered, or re-used by anyone in the world outside of Severn Arts control.
  • I understand I have the right to withdraw consent at any time by emailing [email protected] or by calling 01905 947300 but understand that withdrawing consent may not affect the material that has already been used.
  • Section B – About you and your signature 

  • Section C – Signing on behalf of a person aged under 18 years