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County Arts Service

A recent and exciting new development is the transfer of the County Arts Service from Worcestershire County Council to Severn Arts.  Worcestershire County Council has, for many years, supported the arts and values the role they play in supporting children and young people, artists and arts organisations as well as contributing to the health and well-being and economic development agendas.

In September 2018 Worcestershire County Council commissioned Severn Arts to deliver the Arts Service on its behalf.  This, in the long term, will enable the Service to expand and move away from the restrictions placed on local authorities.

The Arts Programme is led by the Arts Director, Elaine Knight, who is responsible for the strategic development and delivery of the programme.  At the heart of the programme, and key to its success, are long term partnerships which enable greater sustainability and increases resources into the County.

The main focus areas for Year 1 will be:

Children, Young People and their Families

Voices and Visions is the main project for children and young people and offers a range of visual and performing arts opportunities for children and young people of all ages.  Voices and Visions also supports both the education and community sector to work with professional artists to further their own professional development.  The Project will culminate at Worcester Cathedral in the summer of 2019.

Supporting Artists and Arts Organisations

Elaine is available to offer advice and support to local artists and arts organisations.  Whether you’re just starting out and want advice on the local arts scene or an established artist that needs additional support with your funding bid, give Elaine a ring or drop her an email and she will be happy to meet over coffee to discuss your ideas.

Health and Well Being

There is a wealth of evidence that supports the role the arts can play in both mental and physical well-being. As part of the arts programme we are keen to support projects which have health and well-being outcomes.  Therefore we have begun conversations with the Social Prescribers and the Reconnections Project to see how the arts can be integrated into their work.

Raising the Profile of Worcestershire

As a county sandwiched between the City of Birmingham and the South West Region we are keen to promote Worcestershire as an ambitious and forward thinking County which is ready to work with organisations who share the same values.  Working in partnership with Imagineer Productions Worcester is one of 3 cities involved in the Bridge Project. 1Bridge is an ambitious art and engineering project that will lead to the creation of an iconic bridge structure. Bridge lies at the intersection of art, engineering and social change. The project will culminate in 2020 with three major outdoor arts events in Coventry, Worcester and Grantham.


The Arts Service aims to support the reduction of carbon footprint by working with partners to provide projects which enable people to take part in activities in their local community.

The Shindig Rural and Community Touring Network  supports a network of voluntary organisations who bring their communities together to enjoy high-quality, entertaining and affordable professional live theatre, storytelling, music, dance and film screenings in their local village hall, church or school.  The Shindig Programme is supported by the 6 districts and boroughs in Worcestershire as well as the County Council and is delivered in partnership with Live and Local.

To find your nearest performance click here to see the latest brochure.

To find out more about the Arts Service please contact Elaine on [email protected]