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Severn Arts’ high quality provision is recognised through our role as lead of Worcestershire’s Music Education Hub, accountable to Government for delivering the National Plan for Music Education. Our holistic service is fully compliant with safeguarding, and able to support your school with the national curriculum and Ofsted.

Severn Arts provides:

  • Child’s First Access to Instrumental Music Education (FAME) – Whole Class Ensemble teaching – for every child.
  • Fully co-ordinated and comprehensive system of progression from Early Years to HE – for every child.
  • Fully co-ordinated and comprehensive system of assessment from Early Years to HE – for every child.
  • Performance opportunities for every child – many large scale performances.
  • Singing opportunities for every child.
  • The opportunity for every child to play in a group, band, orchestra or other ensemble (with remissions for FSM children).
  • Regular rehearsals and specialist tutoring for children playing in groups.
  • Consistent curriculum, assessment, planning and reporting.
  • Strategies for Inclusivity and SEND.
  • Access to a broad network of music and arts organisations and providers across Worcestershire who work in partnership with the Worcestershire Music Education Hub.
  • Access to a subsidised instrument hire scheme (with remissions for FSM children).
  • Advisory service for school music departments, inspection, appraisal and support.
  • Advisory service for Arts and culture.
  • Advisory service to schools for music OFSTED.
  • Access to wide range of specialist staff with management back up (cross-departmental working/consolidated approach).
  • Access to conductors and musical directing support.
  • Access to extra-curricular activities such as residential courses, trips etc.
  • Access to high level playing and coaching opportunities in partnership with national musical
    organisations – e.g. Armonico Consort, Three Choirs Festival, National Youth Orchestra,
    National Orchestras.
  • Access to CPD provision.

“Hubs should not be simply asking schools what they need or offering services that schools can take or leave. They must act as champions, leaders and expert partners…….. [they should] promote themselves with schools as confident, expert leaders of music education in their areas, not simply as providers of services”

Ofsted “Music in schools: what hubs music do”. November 2013